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A Pale Horse Rides

FREE Seminar Coming Live to Robbinsville, NJ
Begins Friday, October 27, 2017

      Many have an uneasy feeling that something’s wrong with organized religion. They eye the Christian church with deep suspicion, and feel betrayed by news they hear about religion throughout the world. Are they right? Did something go wrong at the dawn of Christianity? Did the marriage of church and state in the 4th century compromise the original message of Christ? What would modern Christianity look like if Constantine had never lived?

In this seminar, Pastor Shawn Boonstra delves into the 1,200 years between the merger of the Christian church with Roman power, and the beginning of Martin Luther’s Reformation. Discover a remnant tribe of Barbarians who find Christ and grow their faith outside the confines of religious tradition, depending on the Bible alone. How they lived might surprise you.

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The Robbinsville church has a membership of over 200 Christian families seeking to put God first in their lives and dedicated to preparing the world for the return of Jesus.  Our congregation is multicultural and we have a wide variety of children's programs, family ministries and lifestyle programs. 

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